Alert..! United Parcel Service (UPS) spam Circulated rapidly

United Parcel Service (UPS) spam Circulated rapidly. We are seeing rise in scam email posing as tracking mail notification from US based delivery company United Parcel Service. The mail pretends to be from UPS it has subject line “Status update for tracking# 60415441”, “Delivery problem” etc..

It notify user…



This email tricks the user to click on Link in this email asking them to download the Invoice outstanding for payment. Users are advised not to open such links for any such fake “Invoice” emails.

Please Note these Big warning signs on their UPS email:

UPS would always use your name if they were emailing you
UPS would always send from a UPS email address
UPS would always include their company details on the email
UPS would never send you a .dat file to open

If you got any email of UPS apart from these points, Just ignor it. It could be a trojan, or probably spyware ,whatever it is. you don’t want it in your computer. Don’t open it – just highlight and hit shift+delete.


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