Phishing scam – Google ID: Profile Inaccurate

An email saying Google ID: Profile Inaccurate pretending to come from Google Support [] is a phishing attempt.

This is major common subjects in this sort of phishing attempt is Your password will expire soon or update your email or your profile is inaccurate or needs updating or something very similar.

They actually wants your Google Account log in details, name, credit/debit card, birthdate, address, telephone etc. In fact just about everything that will identify you & take over your accounts and identity.
The original email looks like:


The webpage behind the links is a very believable attempt to impersonate Google

If you are unwise enough to follow the link you see a webpage looking like:


Which is a very good imitation of a genuine Google sign in page. The website url can very easily be mistaken for a genuine Google site

If you do fill in the details you get sent on to the next page:


All of these emails use Social engineering tricks to persuade you to follow the links or open the attachments that come with the email.

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