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What is NPAV Asset Tracker ?

Consider the majority of your physical resources and assets in which you have more than you realize and at a point you want to improve your asset and keep proper track of then you need to follow the below practices.

Asset tracking, is also referred as asset management, In this method you can easily track your physical assets. Asset tracking is just as important as managing your inventory; as you need to know the location, status, maintenance schedule, and other important information about your organization’s physical assets.

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NPAV asset tracker keeps track of your IT as well as Non-IT infrastructure. 

Key Features :

  • Paperless Tracking :
    You no longer have to take efforts of tracking your assets through writing a manual inventory. Using asset tracking application you can enter the asset information for later viewing.
  • Anti-Theft Data Storage :
    Only a preregistered user can log-in and make changes using his/her credentials.
  • Back-Up and Restore easily :
    In case of loss of data , the application provides you an option to restore all your valuable data from a backup file .
  • Attach files of any format:
    You can attach valuable supplementary documents such as bill invoice, warranty card etc. for your asset .
  • Tracking validity of every asset :
    Information about warranty/validity/expiry of any asset can be viewed easily.
  • Asset Live Tracking :
    The live status of your asset can be viewed using the assignee, comment – history and status of the asset options.
  • Easy to Track Assignee/User :
    It becomes incredibly easy to pin-point the location of the asset .You can check who the asset is assigned to. Example : employee, department, branch, etc.
  • Sharing co-orporate details :
    There is also an inbuilt function for your asset data to be mailed to any entity of your choos which make data sharing easy.
  • Save all details :
    You can export all the corporate asset details into an excel file for further use.

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