NPAV Alert! Passport websites have residing malicious clones

Planning to apply for passport online? Are you sure you are using a trusted website?

Following are the questions that the passport authority of Pune wants you to answer before submitting you personal details online in order to apply for passport. The officials have also informed us about the clones of the official websites of several states which have a very similar look and feel as that of the actual site. However, these clones have no relation with the government and are merely phishing websites which can use the personal details and funds provided by the users for their benefits.

Government has been receiving various complaints about such scams from the people of various states and zones. Phishing websites used by the attackers are listed below:


Users who want to apply for passport online should note that there is only one official government authenticated site “”. As citizens of India we trust the government sites and often don’t think twice before providing our details to them. A user must be aware that these sites can also be hacked and cloned by the attackers for their benefits.

NPAV recommends the users to never let their guard down when it comes to providing personal and sensitive details. Users are also requested to use official government sites with proper domains like “.gov”. It doesn’t matter how authentic and secure the website looks, one must always watch out for threats and attacks that it could present using the sensitive information.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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