Hackers tried to access BMW’s trade secrets by accessing its networks

BMW is one of the renowned and premium brands in the automobile sector.

The German company recently found that hackers were targeting its networks since the spring of 2019. BMW’s security team was under suspicion after they found an instance of penetration testing tool Cobalt Strike on a company computer. The tool used is generally used in red team testing cases to simulate adversaries.

The hackers were allowed to operate even after being discovered in order to understand their intentions and extend up to which they could cause the damage. BMW finally decided to stop the hackers last weekend by shutting down the compromised computers and blocking the access of the attackers. According to the reports, no sensitive data or headquarter computer was compromised during the attack.

BMW reported that they have used various structures and security features to stop unauthorized access to the company’s data along with quick detection mechanisms. South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai experienced a similar hacking campaign but there are no specific details provided about the instance by the company.

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