Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) tracking app is spreading ransomware and malware.

The world is under the attack of COVID-19, a widespread epidemic.

Everyone around the globe wants to remain updated about this disease and any news related to it. This makes COVID-19 a hot topic over the internet and hence, is being used by cyber attackers to launch various malware and ransomware attacks. The latest research has found an app for smartphones offering Coronavirus tracker, which actually is ransomware targeting user wallets.

The website “” claims to provide in-depth information on Coronavirus infection and help in tracking it around the globe through heat-map. The app is ransomware which once installed forces the user to change the password of their device and eventually blocking them from accessing their device. The locked phone then displays the ransom note asking for a ransom of $100 in bitcoins.

The ransom note also states that the social media details of the users will be leaked online and the entire data of the user will be erased. Recent research proves that this ransomware does not actually encrypt any of the files on the phone, which proves that it is weak ransomware just taking advantage of the widespread fear of Coronavirus.

AZORult is an information-stealing malware that surfaced around 2016 and is now been used by cybercriminals to steal sensitive user information. The malware comes attached with a file “”, which is a small payload of size 3.26 MB. Double-clicking the file opens a map of the world which depicts the current state of corona-virus around the world. This file, however, acts as a backdoor for various malware attacks and steals various sensitive user information.

NPAV recommends users to stay protected and stay safe both from the cyber and the actual Corona-virus. Keep yourself and your systems clean and refrain yourself from the fake news and pieces of information circulating around the globe.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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