Netflix providing free subscription during COVID-19 period is fake

Attackers and hackers are spreading fake news of free Netflix subscription.

People with malicious intentions always find various ways to exploit any widespread situation prevailing in the world. Hackers are now using COVID-19 pandemic and Netflix to lure various users and gain access to their details.

Of course, there is no free pass for Netflix. And all you will do by forwarding it is forwarding the scam onto others in your friend group, potentially exposing them to risk at the hands of scammers.

The risk is that the fraudsters behind the campaign may attempt to trick those who sign-up with further communications, perhaps attempting to trick them into sharing personal information or downloading malicious code to their devices.

Holding your guard down against any cyber security section while sitting at home will only open new windows for hackers and attackers to enter your cyber environment. Hackers have framed the link and messages in such a way that it will be widely shared and many people will get affected by it. Every user must be aware and must break such scam chains upon receiving malicious messages.

Netflix being one of the widely used platform around the globe is the best way to gain trust and fulfill malicious intentions. NPAV recommends users to stay at home and stay safe during the pandemic. Do not trust such scammers and links forwarded by them as for saving minimal amount of money you may payback by loosing your cyber security.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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