SSH brute-force attacks used by Kaiji malware to target IoT devices

The malware is said to impact IoT devices and Linux servers to launch DDoS attacks.

The Kaiji botnet executes brute-force attacks against IoT devices and Linux servers that have left their SSH port exposed on the internet. The botnet needs root access to infected devices in order to manipulate raw network packets for the DDoS attacks they want to carry out, and the other operations they want to carry out.

Kaiji is now the latest IoT botnet to surface on the IoT malware scene, and is written in Go programming language. The malware is still under development as it lacked features and had various other hints of the same.

NPAV recommends users to refrain from browsing malicious sites and never download any files from such places. Using internet to browse such sites or to download data from these files can prove to be costly and can expose you to various attacks.

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