Data breach at a contact management firm leaks 22 million emails

Security researchers have reported a new data breach and have named it db8151dd breach.

The breach has data of around 22 million people including their names, email IDs, phone numbers, physical addresses, social media profiles, and job titles.

Research has found that the data has the records strategically placed as the data of interrelated people are placed together in the database. Researchers have claimed that the breach originated by a contact managing application that answers the placement of data in the breach.

The organization claims that they have taken the required measures to minimize the damage that can be done by using this data and are following various security norms. The damage however has been done as the data is up for sale in the hacker forums.

User data that includes sensitive and personal user information can be sold by hackers for a huge sum of money as the buyer can further blackmail the targets or launch various other attacks using this information. Information such as emails and phone numbers can be used to launch various phishing attacks.

NPAV recommends users to stop sharing their personal information to applications and web sites. In a breach as such the more information that you shared with the organization the greater is the threat that roams around you.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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