Hackers drop malicious phishing emails on targeted user inboxes

Phishing emails from hackers with malicious intentions are continuously targeting users.

A recent phishing scam reported by NPAV research team contains the notification of unsent emails of the user.

The malicious email has the information about the unsent emails which contain the subject, recipient, date, and retrieve email link.

Upon clicking the link to retrieve the emails, the user is directed to a login page. This page is hacker controlled credential stealing page and has no credibility. Once the user enters the credentials, hackers can easily lay their hands on it and use it for their benefit.

NPAV recommends users to never submit their sensitive data like credentials, bank information, etc. through such links.

Install Net Protector Z-Security / Total Security / Endpoint Security to protect all your devices and servers. NPAV blocks all malicious phishing emails and links that can harm your systems.

Net Protector has guaranteed protection and solution from such phishing attacks.

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