The most dangerous version of Fakesky malware is out to impact android users

Fakesky’s most dangerous version is out in the open and is targeting android users.

Fakesky is a malware that has user data and banking information stealing capability. The malware can also steal contact list and other sensitive user data from android devices.

The malware was first reported in Japan, three years ago. In a recent research, the malware was found to resurface and is present in more lethal form than ever before. The malware has become stronger and more sophisticated in all the ways.

The malware initially affected Japan and South Korea but is now targeting android users around the world. The malware has also been impersonating a legitimate postal service application to get into user devices.

Fakesky is sending phishing SMS to targeted users which look like a message from a local post office. The SMS shared has a malicious link which redirects users to an app downloading page. Once the app is downloaded by the user, the malware gains full access of the device.

The malware can read text messages, contact information, read from external storage and can even send text messages. The app also gets direct access to banking-related apps and can steal login information.

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