Phishing emails with “Please verify your account” messages are laying traps for users

Phishing scams have been one of the most used ways by the hackers to trick users into their traps.

NPAV lab has recently found a phishing email that alerts users about their accounts getting deactivated. The email states that the user needs to verify the account within 24 hours or else it will get deactivated.

The email also has two links that will take you to a login page requesting for your credentials. To make the page look genuine and safe, hackers have put security tips and messages right beside the login space.

The site is a phishing site controlled by the hackers to steal user credentials. If the user enters the credentials as requested by the site, the hackers gain full access to it. Hackers can use these credentials for their benefits and can further cause menace for the user.

NPAV recommends users to never submit any data using this links and web sites. Refrain from downloading any attachments shared through such emails.

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