Hackers attack european crypto exchange ETERBASE and steal $5.4 million

The Slovakian crypto exchange has suffered a cyber attack which allowed hackers to steal millions.

Crypto exchanges are one of the most common and famous targets among hackers. Hackers have been targeting various crypto exchanges as they can give enormous profit and make you multi-millionaire in a very short time.

This time, Eterbase, a Bratislava, Slovakia based cryptocurrency exchange was attacked, and a whopping $5 million were stolen. The notorious cybercriminals emptied several of its Hot wallets and stole different types of cryptocurrencies.

Hot wallets are the storages connected to the internet, whereas Cold wallets aren’t accessible via the internet. ETERBASE has confirmed about the cyber attack and in their statement they have confirmed that assets of $5.4 millions were stolen by the hackers.

Researchers have found that the stolen funds were transferred to various different exchanges. Eterbase has suspended its trading operations until 10 Sep and has informed all ‘centralized exchanges’ that may receive the stolen funds.

The exchange’s social media channels stated that personal information wasn’t stolen, and the company has enough funds available to oblige its customers. The exchange has also ensured that various law enforcement methods are being used to investigate the matter.

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