NPAV Parental Control features to monitor and secure your child’s cyber world

Computers and Internet are essential part of children lifestyle in today’s world.

Parents have incorporated use of computers, tablets and mobile phones in the life of their children. Learning has taken a new turn and is internet-centric for the children of this generation. However, parents have always wanted to control and monitor the content and use of these technical aids for their children.

NPAV Parental Control provides various features for the parents to monitor and control their children activities. Some of these features and benefits are listed below:

  1. Internet browsing control:
    NPAV’s parental control allows parents to decide the websites that should be allowed/blocked for their children. Our specific time feature allows parents to decide the internet access time for their children which can be used to turn on/off the internet as per their requirement.
    The Internet browsing control also provides categories of websites to ban or allow for the children. If parents want to allow only educational or knowledge based sites for their children, they can easily do so by using the category option.
  2. Screen time control:
    Screen time control allows the parents to control the time that their children spend on the computer. If a parent wants the children to stay under control and do not overuse their device this is the feature that will enable them to do so.
    As beneficial as they can be, the technologies and devices are very addictive. Checking and adding a time limit for the usage of these devices can be done by Screen time control feature of NPAV parental control.
  3. Application control:
    Applications that must be allowed to run on the devices that are being used by your children can be controlled by Application control feature of NPAV parental control.
    There are various applications present in the market that can mislead your children, present inappropriate content in front of them and waste their time. To prevent this scenarios, Application control feature allows you to monitor and select the applications for your children’s devices.

  4. Establishes good cyber security habits:
    Using NPAV parental control inculcates the practice of using internet and related devices in a proper and responsible way. Allowing the use of only required technological features for a limited time encourages the habit of using them in a responsible way.
  5. Teaches cyber etiquette:
    Etiquette in real life are mostly taught by parents to their children. Cyber etiquette is something that should also be taught under the supervision of parents. NPAV Parental control encourages this by giving them an idea about consequences of negative and defaming activities conducted over internet.

NPAV Parental control encourages and supports the development of your children towards being a responsible internet and cyber device user. Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.


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