Hackers are circulating fake job offers via LinkedIn to spread More_eggs backdoor

Hackers are using zip files to trick users into executing More_eggs backdoor on their devices.

LinkedIn is a Microsoft-owned social media platform for professionals that has over 740 million users from 200 countries around the world. A recent phishing scam was reported by researchers that is targeting LinkedIn users by spreading More_eggs malware.

The backdoor is being spread by a phishing scam that portrays itself as a job offer. Attackers posed as staffing companies are sending compromised and malicious website links to job seekers and later followed up via emails.

Researchers have confirmed that the hackers are sending out zip files to users based on their job profiles. Once the zip file is opened the victim’s device gets infected with the More_eggs backdoor which is currently targeting Windows devices.

Upon infection, the malware takes full control of a targeted system allowing hackers to remotely use it for malicious purposes including sending, receiving, deleting, and executing files. The backdoor also poses a threat of ransomware attack as the backdoor is capable enough to host it.

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