Google has reported a new malware campaign targeting Youtubers

Google has disclosed details of a new campaign involving phishing attacks launched against YouTubers

Reports have claimed that threat actors are using cookie theft malware in the attacks to take control of the device/computer and hack YouTube accounts. The main aim of launching this attack is to auction the stolen accounts for cryptocurrency.

The attacks have been going on since 2019, and attackers used to lure targets through fake collaboration schemes such as requests to purchase ads on the targeted user’s channel, photo editing, online games or music players, VPNs, and demo for anti-virus software, etc.

The malware used in the scam includes Azorult (also used in recent COVID-19 related scams), Raccoon, Vidar, Grand Stealer, Kantal, Nexus stealer, Masad, The Thief, Predator, Vikro Stealer, and RedLine along with open-source tools like AdamantiumThief and Sorano.

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