WhatsApp Scam: Do not accept invitation to try the new ‘Calling Feature’

WhatsApp users across the world are being targeted by the cyber scammers who are circulating fake messages inviting users to test the new calling features that fills the phone with dangerous malware.

However, these feature  has not been rolled out officially,

To use the feature, a user must meet the following two criteria:

1. Have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on their phone.

2. Must receive a WhatsApp voice call from another user who has this feature enabled on their phone.

A message is circulating in the WhatsApp community that goes..

Hey, I am inviting you to try whatsapp calling click here to activate now—> http://WhatsappCalling.com

When you Click on the Link on your Android Phone.
It takes you on a page where you have to invite 10 of your friends before you can start using this feature. Your invitation will be sent in the form of the same message, as displayed like.

After inviting 10 users, the ‘Continue’ button is enabled. Clicking on it, takes you on a page where you are asked to complete a survey.

However,the servey forces people to download applications and software that might contain dangerous malware.


Beware of the ‘WhatsApp Calling Invitation’ Scam!

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