Enjoy Secure Shopping with Net Protector Anti-virus.

Secure Shopping & Banking:

The growth in the popularity of online shopping & net-banking has brought an increase in the activities like cyber-crime, hacking who target the unwary customers. For this, it is very essential to do shopping & Internet banking with proper security i.e. without falling prey to Internet scams and criminals.

While we are shopping online or performing any Internet banking transaction like transferring money, paying bills or buying anything online, we need to provide the credentials which can be hacked by the cyber-criminals.

Credit card fraud, ATM fraud, spam, phishing and various types of identity theft are a reoccurring problem in the online world. Hackers, malware and phishing attackers keep trying to steal these credentials and your money for their crime use. They redirect your browser to look-alike websites that can trick users into revealing sensitive bank or account login credentials which can be hacked by the cyber-criminals to intercept and reuse that data.

Net Protector Secure Shopping and Banking provide an additional layer of protection on your website while shopping or banking online.

This feature prevents hackers from accessing sensitive information. It automatically blocks the communication to any third-party and fraudulent websites hosted by cyber-criminals and hackers.

Enjoy Safe Digital World with Net Protector Total Security.


Launching Net Protector Secure Shopping and Banking Mode:

1. Go to ‘Desktop’ and click on the shortcut to ‘SECURESHOP’. The Secure Shopping & Banking Pop-up will open.

2. Now click on the ‘Proceed’ button and browse the websites you want.

3. Once you start browsing, the fraud and look-like websites will be blocked automatically and you can perform your activities with full security.

4. After you are done, come back to the ‘Secure Shopping & Banking Pop-up’ and click on ‘Stop’.



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  1. Thank you for launching secure shopping, you are a family member of us and you always take care of us.

  2. Very nice and I like the 100%……….This is trusted for other Antivirses I use this 5 to 6 years better and very good protection and always happy for the use.

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