Parental Control with NPAV

Keeping children safe from the Internet has become a priority for parents all over the world. It is actually not possible to physically supervise the kind of content children are surfing on the Internet. This eventually makes online safety a veritable challenge and has become one of the most common concerns in every house.

As many things can happen over online which lead to a lot of trouble. From watching offensive videos, downloading inappropriate photos or even visiting some offensive sites. This doesn’t mean that your kids cannot have a laptop, computer or a cell phone but you need to learn about parental control that can help protect them as they are always up-to-date when it comes to using the latest high technology gadgets. Hence, the best way to ensure your children stay protected is by setting parental control.

What is Parental Control?

Parental Control is the filters provided by NPAV where you have control of what content your children can see. With the combination of privacy settings and blocking sites, this can help you to protect your children from the things they should not experience or see online. Parental control falls into four categories – content filters, computer usage management tools, browsing time limit, and age-inappropriate content.

1. Content filters : This feature helps in controlling or restricting the content an Internet user is capable to access especially which surfing online.

2. Computer Usage Management Tools : This feature helps to limit the access according to specifying timeslot limit to browse online.

3. Browsing time limit : In this feature, you can set a limit by time or by days. Here you can select the number of days when children can access the machine and internet or even give a limit by providing some timeslot.

4. Age-inappropriate content : The access can be limited or restricted by age. Anything that is improper, wrong and disturbing for children or something which is not normal to view comes under this category.

Investing in NPAV antivirus with parental control feature will actually protect your children. It does a lot more than just saving you from the new malware & viruses. It is very easy to use as well as keeps you updated on what your kids are doing online, flagging up dangerous search criteria and allowing you to set time limits.

To know more about Parental Control In NPAV – click here.

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