Cyber criminals exploit Corona virus emergency to spread computer virus

Emotet trojan is being circulated by using the coronavirus emergency.

Recent research has found out that malware-infected emails are being circulated to users by using the Coronavirus theme, which makes the user open these emails. The research reported that these emails contain an attachment that claims to have preventive methods for coronavirus.

The emails found were mostly composed in the Japanese language which suggests that the attackers are targeting the most affected region of coronavirus. To make the emails look more genuine, the attackers are disguising it as an email from a Japan-based disability welfare service provider.

The document attached has a hidden VBA macro script which enables PowerShell to activate the Emotet executable and download the malware. Various versions of the email had various types of malicious files like .PDF,.MP4,.DOC, etc. These files were just used to spread trojans and worms into the target system.

NPAV recommends to never download any attachment from emails which are not from trusted sources. These emails might contain luring offers, headlines and hot topics of the world but will only bombard your system with various viruses.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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