Phishing emails with notification of undelivered mails are stealing user login credentials

Hackers are using fake undelivered email notifications to trick users into providing login credentials.

Hackers have been using fake emails with various alerting content to trap users into their malicious campaigns. A similar phishing campaign was found by NPAV lab that is being used by the hackers to steal user credentials.

The phishing email contains a random number of undelivered mail notification along with a button which states “Release Pending message to inbox”.

Upon clicking on the button the user is redirected to a page which asks the user to enter login credentials. Once the user enters the email and password for the account, the credential is saved and is forwarded to the hacker.

Using this credential, hacker can access any account that has the same or similar login detail. The information can be used to circulate other phishing scams and steal sensitive data related to the user.

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