Hackers send out emails with malicious link to update mailbox and avoid suspension

Hackers are circulating emails which contain fake mailbox expiration notification.

The emails state that the mailbox version used by the user is out of date and will expire soon. The user is also notified about loosing the access to the account if it is not updated before expiration.

The email has an attached link to it that will guide user to “auto-update” the mailbox and the process is listed as “free”.

The fake email and its link also warns the user about loosing its access to the account and future incoming mails if the mailbox is not updated.

NPAV wants to inform its users that these emails are spams and are simply meant to be ignored. Visiting the link attached to such emails and downloading or updating from these links can harm your system.

Install Net Protector Z-Security / Total Security / Endpoint Security to protect all your devices and servers. NPAV blocks all malicious phishing emails and links that can harm your systems.

Net Protector has guaranteed protection and solution from such phishing attacks.


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