Banking fraud emails trying to imitate “Standard Chartered Bank” email id

Phishing emails have been used by hackers in various new and creative way to lure users.

Hackers are impersonating standard chartered banks and sending out fake emails to the targeted individuals. The authentic site of the bank is “” and the hackers have used “” to send out these malicious emails.

The email states that the attached payment advice is based on the request from the sender. Phishing mail portrays itself to be informative and important for the targeted user. Since, the fake site mentioned is very similar to the authentic site of the bank, users can easily be tricked to believe that the email is from SC bank.

This fake email also has a listed fake number in the attachment which is said to provide any assistance that the user requires. However, downloading any such attachment from these emails simply means inviting malware to your system.

NPAV recommends users to avoid downloading or visiting any link shared via such emails. Downloading any file or attachment from these emails may harm your system and can be used by hackers to steal your sensitive data.

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