Data of hundreds of Uber Eats users leaked on the Dark Web

Data of Uber Eats users has been reported to be available freely on the Dark web.

A recent research has unveiled that 9 TXT files were leaked by the hackers which contained valuable information about Uber Eats delivery drivers, delivery partners, and customer details.

The leaked files included login credentials of 579 customers and sensitive information about 100 delivery drivers. The leaked information included their full name, contact number, bank card details, login credentials, and account creation date.

It is worth noting that data delivery service is valuable for cybercriminals since there is a potential to access customers’ payment cards and personal details in one shot. Uber Eats might not be under a data breach as this information can be extracted from some third-party apps.

The information leaked on the dark web is alarming as it can be used by various malicious sources to launch their campaigns. Having access to such personal and sensitive data can lead hackers to target a large number of people.

NPAV recommends users to stop sharing personal information via SMS, emails, etc. Always use two-factor authentication and keep strong passwords for your accounts. Users must monitor their financial transactions and keep them safe.

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