2.5 million sensitive medical records leaked online by an AI firm

2.5 million medical records containing sensitive and confidential data have been exposed by a New York-based artificial intelligence company called Cense.

The company involved in the data breach is called Cense.ai provides an artificial intelligence bot that helps automate processes and assist employees and customers with quick information.

The records were termed as ‘staging data’ that functioned as a storage repository intended to hold the data temporarily before it was loaded on Cense Bot or Cense’s management system. The leaked data can be edited and downloaded by anyone as it does not requires any credentials for doing so.

2,594,261 medical records were exposed which included sensitive information such as patient names, insurance records, medical diagnosis, and payment information. These leaked information can be easily used by hackers and cyber criminals to launch various malicious campaigns.

Cense.ai has been informed about this data breach and they have claimed to apply access limitation to the data. It is still unclear whether Cense has reported the data exposure to the individuals at risk.

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