Telegram and email accounts are being targeted by hackers via SS7 mobile attacks

Signaling System 7 (SS7) was used by hackers to hijack telegram and email accounts of users.

SS7 was used by hackers to connect mobile networks around the world and this allowed them to gain access of telegram and email accounts of users for cryptocurrency business. Hackers accessing SS7 can intercept calls and messages from genuine sources.

The interception takes place by using the roaming scenario as hackers can update the location data of devices and portray them to be connected to a different network.

Researchers have reported that hackers most likely used short message service center (SMSC) of a mobile network operator. By using SMSC they sent out a location update request to targeted phone numbers which asked to send the SMS and voice calls to fake MSC.

Reports have stated that hackers had a good knowledge of their targeted user accounts and leaked passwords. Hackers knew unique international subscriber numbers and and International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) numbers.

Research shows that SS7 attacks require good knowledge of mobile networking and the way in which networks interact. Researchers have cleared that the aim of hackers was mainly to steal cryptocurrency from the targeted users.

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